Symmetry: Now is the time for CGI and AR

Symmetry: Now is the time for CGI and AR

Firma: Symmetry CGI

Produkte: 3D rendering

Branche: Consumer goods

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Company Profile

Paul Galley, MD of Symmetry CGI, has been in furniture design since 1990. In 2015, he grew the business and after first using KeyShot to render furniture he soon realised what a difference high quality visuals could bring to his business and that of his clients.

In January 2020, Symmetry exhibited at the Furniture Show and used VR and AR to demonstrate the power of using 3D models in furniture design. After seeing how well customers were receiving the AR aspect of their demo, they realised that they were onto something really exciting.

Benefits of AR and NeoSpace

Symmetry CGI believe that Augmented Reality is going to change how people interact with the web and it is what customers will expect to see on retailers websites
in the future. AR facilitates the buying process in that customers can easily see the item they are buying, whether that is a piece of furniture, clothing or even a pot plant.

NeoSpace allows Symmetry to compress large AR models up to 2GB down to much smaller file sizes so that they are much quicker to load. This has the benefit that customers can easily view products in AR without waiting a long time for the model to load.

What's Next?

Symmetry CGI see a huge potential of AR from fashion, to education, and even a future where you can visit a virtual supermarket to do your grocery shopping,
they believe that the possibilities of AR are endless.

Wir schaffen ein Arbeitsumfeld mit Freiheit und Sicherheit, in dem wir gemeinsam Innovationen fördern, Potenziale erschließen und Zukunft gestalten.


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