Opening new Markets with KeyShot Visuals

Opening new Markets with KeyShot Visuals

Firma: Fracino

Produkte: 3D rendering

Branche: Consumer goods

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World Class Espresso Machines – Made in Great Britain

Fracino is the UK’s only espresso coffee machine manufacturer and has won multiple awards for its innovative model range and advanced manufacturing processes. Investment in the latest technology production equipment and CAD software in our Birmingham manufacturing facility enables us to design, develop and fabricate every aspect of the Fracino machine range in-house. Over the last 54 years, our 3rd generation family-owned company has become a global partner to some of the most successful companies in the rapidly developing coffee sector.


We needed to be able to produce a wide range of high quality visual images in a short space of time and were looking for a visualisation tool to create marketing visuals without the need for photography. In addition, the software should allow us to explore new ideas and give us the ability to make decisions on the material, colours and textures without the need for expensive and time-consuming prototyping.


By generating in-house renders we can visualise the outcome of a product without any cost commitments. This allows us to efficiently render images for sales and marketing as well as for design decisions in a fraction of the time it would take to manufacture prototypes. KeyShot allows us to work to tight timescales while keeping a level of quality from start to finish and can create a wide range of aesthetic options, which leads the design process to a final product already approved by the consumer.

KeyShot opens up a new market of bespoke machines and encourages new designs. We can now create a photo-realistic representation of the product in a far more cost effective way.

Wir schaffen ein Arbeitsumfeld mit Freiheit und Sicherheit, in dem wir gemeinsam Innovationen fördern, Potenziale erschließen und Zukunft gestalten.


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