KeyShot: the simplest and fastest way to share your concepts with a client

KeyShot: the simplest and fastest way to share your concepts with a client

Firma: Radar GB Ltd

Produkte: 3D rendering

Branche: Product design

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About Radar GB Ltd.

Radar is a furniture and related products design consultancy working in the areas of office, contract, public spaces, education and retail. A small business working globally for large corporations, Radar has collaborated with market leaders in the furniture world providing several category-defining products, from arena seating and office systems to classroom chairs and personal workflow organisation. 


With KeyShot we were looking for a very fast and simple to use rendering package that could work seamlessly with that 3D modelling software. We also needed something that would enable us to output realistic visuals at all stages of the design process, producing discussion images that were simply not generated from screen shots. KeyShot has enabled us to deliver that and more, becoming the major method by which we generate our imagery.


Radar generates innovative products from research informed concepts through to production tooling and with the help of KeyShot, even communication media. KeyShot allows us to provide realistic, easy to understand visual imagery and illustrations every step of the way in a fraction of the time it used to take with previous rendering packages and line drawing.

Although we initially acquired KeyShot to produce renders and high quality visuals from our 3D CAD data, within a very short time our clients were approaching us to produce images for them on other projects which we were not designing. One of the reasons was that we had an advantage over pure rendering specialists, in that we could understand the workings of the products with little introduction, as well as producing print quality visuals very fast.

The capability to produce animations and VR interactive models for websites has been of benefit to our clients, as we can easily produce these from our existing 3D data. However, creating illustrations and line drawings using the ‘Toon’ materials has enabled us to supply diagrams and catalogue illustrations, to our clients remarkably quickly.

Wir schaffen ein Arbeitsumfeld mit Freiheit und Sicherheit, in dem wir gemeinsam Innovationen fördern, Potenziale erschließen und Zukunft gestalten.


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