Iconic image for the world’s fastest helmet

Iconic image for the world’s fastest helmet

Firma: Crux Product Design Limited

Produkte: 3D rendering

Branche: Engineering and Design Services

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Crux work with a global client base, helping to shape future scope by exploring concepts for new products, technologies and experiences. Crux’s expertise in the medical, consumer and performance goods sectors provides clients with a truly holistic approach to product development, taking opportunities from initial concept through to high volume manufacture. Established in 2003, demand for Crux’s high quality offering has enabled steady growth of the team and capabilities across the product development landscape.


Since 2009, UK Sport and Crux Product Design have collaborated to design the fastest cycling helmets in the world. The aim being to design helmets to be used by athletes in the Pursuit and Sprint track events at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic games. The brief sought technical innovation to enhance performance, as well as psychological consideration to give athletes an important mental advantage and align with Team GB’s visual identity. The helmets were tailored to extreme levels of performance whilst maintaining the highest level of protection and comfort for the athletes.

KeyShot has had an important influence throughout the entire development process. The pivotal role came during the graphical identity phase of the product development. It did this by helping to efficiently and effectively communicate design iterations to key stakeholders, enabling fast, informed decision making. The result, the production of another iconic and truly recognisable aesthetic that was sympathetic to the team GB kit.


KeyShot is a highly effective tool for Crux, with a short learning curve for easy adoption within the team. It is suitable for fast visualisation, in addition, it’s fully capable of producing highly detailed textures and finishes to really bring designs to life.

Why we have chosen INNEO Solutions?

INNEO is a KeyShot certified platinum reseller, the only one in the UK and the whole of Europe, and provides excellent depth of knowledge and support.

Wir schaffen ein Arbeitsumfeld mit Freiheit und Sicherheit, in dem wir gemeinsam Innovationen fördern, Potenziale erschließen und Zukunft gestalten.


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